Egypt Central - Leap Of Faith / egypt central leap of faith перевод

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Исполнитель: Egypt Central

Название песни: Leap Of Faith

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Дата добавления: 2016-07-23

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Текст песни:

Now everything inside my life's become a mystery
And all the things that I've held dear have lost reality
I cannot go I do not know if you are really here
Just let me know

I need a friend to depend on
I need so much more
Another reason to live my life is knocking on my door

I need to know if I can go
All the way down and back again
I need to know if I can take another leap of faith today

Someone tell me so I can figure it out
Something's wrong nothing's right
My life is filled with doubt
Lost the only really thing I've ever known
Lost it all and now my hope is gone

Egypt Central - Leap Of Faith

Видеоклип Leap Of Faith By Egypt Central

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