Steel Panther - Hell's On Fire / перевод песни hell s on fire

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Исполнитель: Steel Panther

Название песни: Hell's On Fire

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Дата добавления: 2014-12-14

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Текст песни:

It's so fucking hot in here
But the devil doesn't care
The front row will be dripping wet
But satan won't even break a sweat
He's in the car corning up the heat
Burning my hands burning my feet
Some cool lemonade would hit the spot cause it really really really really really hot

Hell's on fire
Burning your body right to the core
Hell's on fire
You can fry an egg on the floor
Mmmm I like 'em scrambled

Lets get drunk and smoke some pot
I want to party with Bon Scott
Randy Rhodes and John Bohnam too
It's a heavy metal party and were waiting for you

Hell's on fire
The devil's hungry and he's eating light
Hell's on fire
Frying a fillet soul tonight

So hot
So hot

My skin is turing red

So hot
So hot

Good thing were already dead

(Guitar Solo)

Hell's on fire

Hell's on fire
Hell's on fire
Were burnining burning burning burning burning burn

Hell's on fire

Erif on slleh

Steel Panther - Hell's On Fire

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