Rocky Leon - This Side of You / перевод rocky leon this side of you

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Исполнитель: Rocky Leon

Название песни: This Side of You

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-21

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this side of you

well i never seen this side of you before, hold back all the sun
everything you say and do contradicts having fun
the view is on my enemy - not me, of little concern
look out - till they crash and burn

i ride along in emptiness and i ride along in style
even when the world is frowning i throw back a smile
cuz i'm not waiting for the day when everything's alrigh
i'm just waiting for the day to turn into the night

when i ride you can ride upon my energy
when i ride upon my soul
and when you fight you'll be fighting with an enemy
fighting for control

as the waters of the oceans rise the towers that stood tall
begin to crumble at their bases as the powers start to fall
and as the people open up their eyes the tables start to turn
look out - till they crash and burn

Rocky Leon - This Side of You

Видеоклип Rocky Leon [Live Looping] This Side of You

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