СS - о кемпер кемпер / перевод песни о кемпер кемпер

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Исполнитель: СS

Название песни: о кемпер кемпер

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-12

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Текст песни:

Oh camper, camper
how was I supposed to know
you covered creaky door

I had a flashbang
that I was supposed to throw
like many times before

Show me, how to enter creaky
without dying
cause I?m really trying
damn it, camper!

Your headshot scripts, are killing me (and I)
I must confess, I never see (I never see)
where you are hiding, I lose my mind
falling behiiiiiind
you killed me camper one more time

Oh camper, camper
the reason I?m dead is you
your flashbang got me blinded

Oh lousy camper
my stats they were supposed to grow
your headshots changed my mind, yeah

[rep. bridge]

[rep. chorus]

Oh lousy camper
why couldn?t you let me go
oh camper, camper
my stats were supposed to grooooooooow

And I must confess
that door?s creakyness
is killing me noooooow
and I just can not believe
that you?re allways there
to cover that dooooooor
can?t take it camper, please no more!

СS - о кемпер кемпер

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