Том Джонс - I Know -- "Я знаю" Штутц -- Линдеман, 1966 г. / Том Джонс

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Исполнитель: Том Джонс

Название песни: I Know -- "Я знаю" (Штутц -- Линдеман), 1966 г.

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Текст песни:

I Know.

I know what it means
to be lost in the dark.
I know what it means
to be tossed in the storm.

I have walked alone
with a heart of stone
and despair too heavy for tears,
but you caught my heart
and you taught my heart
to forget the doubts and fears.

And now that I know
the joy of your love,
my head is high, I can face the sky
and know that the heaven is here below,
I know.
For you I could die,
for you I will live,
I know...

Том Джонс - I Know --

Видеоклип Space/Cerys Matthews The ballad of Tom Jones

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