Borgore ft. Adi Ulmansky - Someone Else's / Borgore ft. Adi Ulmansky

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Исполнитель: Borgore ft. Adi Ulmansky

Название песни: Someone Else's

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Дата добавления: 2014-08-22

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Текст песни:

See I wish things ended in a different way, but what can I say, we both are stubborn
Right, all we used to do is fight, but I can not taste what's good without no struggle
Every day I change girls like they were my undi, I say fuck please and get all the barbies
Truth though is that I feel dumb, Cause I wanted u to b my children mom.

The radio is teasing me, playing a tune that u wanned on our wedding
Pending ending of another bitch that home I'm sending
She wants me to walk her to the door but..yo, im fucking stuck
She cannot see my pain, she's just another fuck
I couldn't hide a thing from you, You knew when I was mad, when I was sad
Girl u knew all my favorite ting in bed, and now im dead
But I got goals that I must conquer
Music is my life and for music I will suffer
Shared our deepest secrets, our hardest moments
My always open ear is now signing for unemployment
I used to tell u about my dreams, and my dreams have come
True but ur not next to me ?u full of someone elses *choke*

possibilities, there are so many
im not feeling yours (she ain't feeling mine), so much lately
we're in the ocean, your not the one
so let me go now, I think we're done

Girl, where are you? No answer on your phone
Im about to erase your pictures and your special ringtone
Your birthday album its burned its gone all i left is a memory stone
So many fans yet I'm felling so alone
I'v started making money, Fucking Lingerie models
5 stars hotels, Green room popping bottles
I'm on the quest for the logic I can't find, how can u be sleeping with someone else to your side?
Are you blind? Are you out of your fucking mind?
The bank just called they said that your sanity was declined
Cause three weeks ago you said u will die for me
So die for me, how come you are giving up on me?
You cannot take the good without the bad don't you get it?
We had r glory days and now you easily forget it
Im tryina eat but I miss you, it makes me sick
How can I swallow when your swallowing someone elses

Possibilities, there are so many
I'm not feeling yours (she ain't feeling mine), so much lately
We're in the ocean, you're not the one
So let me go now, I think we're done

Borgore ft. Adi Ulmansky - Someone Else's

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