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Исполнитель: Nikki Blonsky

Название песни: Good Morning Baltimore

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Дата добавления: 2015-01-07

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Текст песни:

Oh, oh, oh
Woke up today
Feeling the way i always do
Oh, oh, oh
Hungry for something
That i can't eat
Then i hear that beat
That rhythm of town
Starts calling me down
It's like a message from
High above
Oh, oh, oh
Pulling me out
To the smiles and the
Streets that i love

Good morning Baltimore
Every day's like an open door
Every night is a fantasy
Every sound's like a symphony

Good morning Baltimore
And someday when i take to the floor
The world's gonna wake up and see
Baltimore and me

Oh, oh, oh
Look at my hair
What "do" can compare with mine today?
Oh, oh, oh,
I've got my hairspray and radio
I'm ready to go

The rats on the street
All dance around my feet
They seem to say
"Tracy, it's up to you"
So, oh, oh
Don't hold me back
'Cause today all my dreams will come true

Good morning Baltimore
There's the flasher who lives next door
There's the bum on his bar room stool
They wish me luck on my way to school

Good morning Baltimore
And some day when i take to the floor
The world's gonna wake up and see
Baltimore and me

I know every step
I know every song
I know there's a place where i belong
I see all those party lights shining ahead
So someone invite me
Before i drop dead!

Before she drops dead!


Nikki Blonsky - Good Morning Baltimore

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